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17 MORE!!

The following numbers were easy to find with a simple google search of Mass Shootings in America:

12 at Columbine

32 at Virginia Tech

26 at Sandy Hook

49 at Orlando Nightclub

14 at San Bernardino

26 at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs

58 at Las Vegas Concert

17 MORE at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

Why does this keep happening? Why does this list keep growing? Is it mental illness? Is it the internet? Is it terrorism? Is it the lack of government action to curb the proliferation of guns i.e. gun control? It is probably all the above and more, but the one common denominator in all mass shootings in America is guns! Addressing the issue of gun control in America will go down as one of the most perplexing issues of our time. The issue has been politicized to the point that the only action is inaction. Politicians and the political processes are paralyzed and the public has been left to routinely deal with mass shooting after mass shooting.

Doing the same thing over and over (nothing in this case), and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Elected officials have trapped themselves into supporting views that make no sense--some type of gun control is necessary to help deal with the increasing number of mass shootings. How many more mass shootings do we need before there is a true call for action on some type of gun control? Today, active shooter drills in schools are much like the duck and cover drills of the fifties, when there was a real fear of an atomic bomb attack by the Russians (yes, the same election meddling Russians of today). Metal detectors are standard equipment not only in high and middle schools, but also elementary schools (ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS!). Unfortunately, these precautions are necessary as the same thing is being done to address the common denominator of mass shootings in America---nothing!

Mass shootings seem to be a standard part of the news cycle; politics, finance, weather, and mass shootings! I'm not a journalist, but I'm sure the news media has standard operating procedures for how to cover a mass shooting. First, cover the bravery of the survivors and the first responders. Then, cover the shooter; personality, possible motives, and how it was done. Next, they report on the gun(s) that were used; caliber, rate of fire, type and number of rounds fired, where the gun(s) were purchased etc. Finally, they cover the victims; how many, who they were, and how much they will be missed.

I offer my personal prayers and condolences to the victims and the families affected by the most recent mass shooting! I pray their sacrifice is a true call to action and not just a headline of 17 MORE!

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