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Good Memories

Updated: May 13, 2020

I like to jokingly say, my brain is full, and I have to throw something out before I can remember something new! It's sort of true, but I never throw out good memories. The space good memories occupy on the hard drive of my brain is permanent. Good memories are the fuel that keeps you going, especially during difficult times. When you're down, good memories come up and put that smile on your face to help remind you of how good life is and continues to be. I may forget some of the details, but good memories always have a way of putting me in a good place.

You have to be intentional in making good memories. I recently visited the Grand Canyon after a speaking engagement in Phoenix. After the conference, I rented a F-150 (that's a truck for those not from Texas), and made the three-hour drive to northern Arizona to Grand Canyon National Park. The drive felt like minutes as I anticipated seeing the Grand Canyon again. I visited the park a few years ago and promised myself I would visit again. I arrived early in the morning and quickly headed to Mather Point on the South Rim to get my first view and be reminded of why it's called the Grand Canyon. The view was even more amazing than I remembered, and it quickly overwhelmed all my senses. I absorbed the scenery as I began my first hike on the relatively easy Rim Trail. I made sure I had enough water and energy snacks and headed on my journey to make another good memory.

I spent the next day and a half hiking the trails of the Grand Canyon. The air was cool and crisp and made me feel I could hike for days. Every turn revealed another breathtaking view. I saw and experienced an incredible sunset at Hopi Point. As I sat on a ledge overlooking the canyon, I watched the sun slowly descend behind the mountains and show colors I can't even begin to describe. I saw the most beautiful sunrise ever at Desert View. I was there alone and watched the red rays of the sun reflect off the clouds before the sun peaked over the horizon. But the most amazing part of my journey was the night I drove to Moran Point and watched the night sky to see the stars. I had never seen a sky so full of stars; the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper, the Milky Way and others were on full display. It was an incredible sight and surely a good memory maker!!

During my presentation at the conference I attended, I challenged the professional Loss Prevention and Asset Protection attendees to find and maintain a healthy work-life balance; in short, take time off work and make some good memories. The memory of good times spent alone or with family and friends can sustain you during difficult times. Let the good memories of those happy moments be your "go to" when you find yourself in one of the inevitable valleys of life. The only bad thing about good memories is some people don't have enough of them! Know who and what makes you happy and consciously spend time with those people and in those environments that help you make good memories!!

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