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"Good Things Happen to Good People"

A dear friend was recently rewarded with a huge promotion. As I read through the congratulatory comments on his Facebook page, one comment stood out. "Good things happen to good people" was all it said.

I couldn't agree more but I have found that "good people", give more, care more, stay focused, work smart, work hard, prepare for success, create an environment for success, acknowledge failure as a possibility but do not accept it as an option, do not accept mediocrity, are leaders, are great team players, respect others, communicate, listen, are curious, are creative, are passionate, are left handed (just kidding--checking to see if you are paying attention), have unshakable integrity, take responsibility, take pride in their work, have a great attitude, are dependable, are confident, are trustworthy, make sacrifices, and lastly, good people are humble and kind. Are good things happening to you??

My friend is and does all I mentioned above, and yes; the promotion is a "good thing". Success through hard work is often rewarded with various accolades including promotion and pay raises. But "good things" are much more and include the opportunity to be an agent of positive change. It's the opportunity to exhibit the characteristics mentioned above at another level and to influence a broader audience. "Good things" come with strings attached, it's the commitment to constantly improve, do better, and do good. "Good things" is the recognition that "change" is the only constant and it must be embraced with clarity, conviction, and acceptance. Part of "good things" is the commitment to find the next you!

Yes, good things happen to good people, but I think a better way to congratulate and challenge my friend is to say, Good people make good things happen for others!

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