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Leadership 101

" My Fellow Americans,

I come before you tonight as your President to talk about a potentially dangerous virus that may be affecting our country. We don't know much about it at this point, but I along with my administration feel it is better to be cautious and prepared for the worst case scenario as this virus could result in a national health crisis. I have directed the CDC and our top public health officials to work overtime to gain a complete understanding of this virus. We need a public, private, and international effort to attack this potentially dangerous virus and I have also asked my team to work with the private scientific community as well as the international community via the World Health Organization to ensure that any and all information to combat this potentially dangerous virus is shared. I assure you America is poised and ready to take the lead in finding ways to not only understand and address this potentially dangerous virus but to find ways to eradicate it before it becomes a world health crisis.

We will bring all resources to bear and will have a laser focus in dealing with this potentially dangerous virus. While all branches of the federal government will be a part of finding ways to address the handling of the virus, I will be heavily relying on the public and private scientific communities to keep me informed of their progress on developing a vaccine to not only cure, but hopefully eradicate this potentially dangerous virus. We will provide routine updates of relevant information to you, the American people, to keep you informed of our progress.

We don't know what we don't know right now, but we do know this virus could pose a serious threat to our country. Everything is on the table when it comes to dealing with this potentially dangerous virus. I promise you I along with the Federal government will work closely with the State and local governments to develop procedures and processes to deal with all aspects of containing the spread of this virus. We will be mindful and empathetic to the potential hardships we may have to face as a nation going forward, but face them we must. And we must do it with a clear understanding that WE are all in this together!

Thank You and God Bless America"

A simple speech like this in January, February or even early March 2020 would have gone a long way in setting the stage for the nation's response to the pandemic. A potential public health crisis is not the type of problem to be ignored or wished away. Leadership 101--the sooner you recognize/admit you have a problem the sooner you can bring everything to bear to solve it!

NOTE: Stay safe and diligent during these trying times; routinely wash your hands, limit your travel, and wear a mask for your safety as well as for the safety of others!

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