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Live In The Moment

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

I have learned to live in the moment! Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised, so I long ago adopted a philosophy to live in the right now or live in the moment. This doesn't mean I haven't learned from my mistakes or remember the good/bad/sad times from yesterday. Nor does it mean I don't plan for the future, but it does mean I place my highest priority on doing what I can right now and living in the moment.

Every minute has a purpose that must be embraced. We waste our minutes by not having an appreciation for our time (which I consider our most valuable resource) and taking it for granted. But we embrace every minute by consciously living them to the fullest. Do what makes you happy now and find those things that bring out the best you. Do what fulfills you and allows you to make a positive difference for yourself and for others. If politics is your thing; engage and participate right now! Don't just read about it and watch it happen around you, make time to participate in the political process. If volunteering makes you happy, it's easy--volunteer right now! There are ample opportunities and causes that want/need volunteers and entities will take whatever time you can or are willing to give. If traveling is your passion, by all means travel right now! Don't use lack of financial resources or time as an excuse or plan on doing it after you retire, or the kids leave home (remember tomorrow is not promised)! You don't have to go anywhere exotic; you will be amazed at the venues and wonderful sites that are within a couple hours' drive of wherever you live. If you like to write, start writing right now! There is no time like now to start writing the book you always planned on writing. You thought about writing it yesterday and you plan on starting it tomorrow, but this moment is the best time for you to get started. You will never finish it, if you never start it!

My best experiences have been when I didn't allow the clutter of life to stop me from seeing, appreciating, and most importantly, living the present moment. For me, living in the moment is about less thinking and more doing!! It's about being self-aware enough to recognize and capture the magic of the next breath and using it to make something magical happen inside you. It's about being bold enough with yourself to ask for more and do more right now, and not wait for that "perfect time" which never seems to come. Living in the moment means you hear and recognize the call to action and choose to act now. Don't let your present slip by while you are busy thinking about yesterday and planning for tomorrow.

Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised, so live in the moment today!

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