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Losing Stuff

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

I was walking around the house looking for my glasses. I mean I looked everywhere, under the bed, under the sofa, on the patio, in my truck (yes I live in Texas so I have a truck) at least 5 times (in the glove compartment, under the seat), in the garage, in the bathroom, in my closet, in my golf bag, in my tackle box, in my backpack. I even looked in places I know I've never been i.e. under the bed in the guest room. I searched for an hour, gave up, and started searching again. I know you think you know what's coming but nope; they were not on my face, not in my hand, and not on my head! That would have been waaay too easy! Be patient, stand by, don't rush me, give me one more minute, wait for it, waiiit for it, drum roll please---they were in the refrigerator!!! Yup, right next to the orange juice where I left them. They were cold and foggy but there they were, looking at me like we were playing hide and seek and I had just found them (they actually seemed to be smiling at me)! You'd think I'd be upset and would throw them away for good, because I really don't need them anyway (that's not true--I do need them). No, I just took them out of the fridge, put them on, and moved on to my next challenge of the day.

I lose stuff all the time and I spend more time than I want to admit looking for the stuff I lose. Even as a kid, I had trouble keeping up with my stuff. I would lose my army men, lose my school books, lose pieces to my jigsaw puzzles (I once completed a one thousand piece jigsaw puzzle only to have one piece missing---it was a piece right in the center of the puzzle). My stuff has always just disappeared from me. As an adult, I think I have lost my wallet four or five times, I mean hard lost, never turned in or heard from again lost! Remember renting VHS movies from BlockBuster? Well I rented a couple of movies once and when I got home, I had no idea where they were. I looked all over and never found them; ended up paying $100 for two lost movies. I deduced I must have left them on top of the car and as I drove home they "flew" off! That was an expensive loss and I rarely rented from Blockbuster again (I would tell my kids Blockbuster was closed when they wanted to rent movies and games--now they really are!!). I remember once losing the keys to my dorm room in college, I had them in my pants pocket and walked over a grated water drain and "sploosh", down the drain they went! Maybe that's more like an accidental loss, but it still counts as stuff I've lost.

I'm at a point now where I just assume I am going to lose stuff. But as long as it is stuff that is replaceable, I'm ok with that. What I don't want to lose are the things that matter to me most, people I care about; my family, my friends, my relationships. I would look for them as long as it takes and if like my glasses, I find them in the refrigerator, that would be cool too!

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