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Majestic Beast Brewing Company

My oldest son Justin and his friend Jack started a brewing company a year ago. Justin and Jack met while in middle school in Edmond Oklahoma, and even had a pretty good punk band called Pushover ( Chapter 14 "Who Knew"). Their friendship evolved over the years and eventually led to a business partnership and the formation of Majestic Beast Brewing Company (MBBC). It's early in the story of MBBC and many chapters are yet to be written, but Chapter 1 has begun. MBBC successfully launched their first commercial craft beer a few weeks ago through a collaboration with another local brewing company (405 Brewing Company). The launch of PUC Bunny--Pineapple Upside Cake and the Bunny represents the hops(catchy huh)--not only represents years of dreaming and Praying, but also represents years of hard work, focus, commitment, trial, error, planning, marketing, as well as a bit of good luck! This reminds me of an old business saying I have heard over the years "the harder you work, the luckier you get"

As a small business owner (C-Dub Services--Operations Consulting, Leadership Training, and Public Speaking ), I know firsthand the difficulties of trying to gain traction in the business world. Hard work and passion do not guarantee success in business (or anything for that matter) but without them, failure is guaranteed. I know Justin has the passion and will put in the work to make MBBC a success, I just hope and pray he gets a fair and equal chance to succeed or fail without the specter of systemic racism over his head. Unfortunately, this is a real worry of mine and I am not ashamed to admit it because it is Real! Through the efforts of the generations before him, Justin has earned the right to be able to compete fairly and equitably. Like any Father, I worry about the safety and well-being of my children, but as a Black Father, that worry is magnified to another level. But I have hope that Justin and his generation will continue the work to change the world for the better and make true equality for all the norm versus the exception!

To say I'm proud of Justin and MBBC is an understatement. I see the passion in his eyes, hear the passion in his voice, and even feel the passion in his heart when he talks about brewing and his plans for MBBC. I constantly remind him if he is working in his passion, he will never work a day in his life! I am proud beyond belief and will support Justin and his company in every way possible. I will Pray even harder for his continued success, give solicited and unsolicited advice (as a Father I get to do this haha), provide access to my network of successful businessmen, and provide financial support as necessary. All new businesses start with a dreamer who has passion and a commitment to excellence to produce and deliver the best product or service possible. But new businesses also need a support network; a network of family and friends who may not share the dream or the passion, but have unconditional support and love for the dreamer.

(Justin, your years of dreaming have now become a reality called Majestic Beast Brewing Company. Prayer and hard work got you to this point and it will take more of the same to move forward. Never take for granted those who unconditionally support and love you. Stay committed to the craft and make your narrative the new normal!)

NOTE: The launch of PUC Bunny is a proud moment for MBBC and hopefully the first of many successful future new beer launches. The next MBBC launch is another collaboration with 405 Brewing Company and the brewing community in general and is called Black Is Beautiful! "The Black Is Beautiful initiative is a collaborative effort amongst the brewing community and its customers to bring awareness to the injustices that many people of color face daily". Please read more about this outstanding initiative at

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