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Extraordinary Times

Don't guess anyone would question we are living in some rather extraordinary times right now. One day the rhythm of daily life was clearly defined and routine, and the next it was well---not so much! But it just reminds us that change is the only real constant. Some change is slow and gradual and then there is change that seems to happen overnight (can you say "social distancing" "shelter in place" "lock down"). Extraordinary times of crisis seem to make change occur at a quicker pace.

Your normal is probably being changed forever and the new normal is yet to be defined. No matter what your normal was, you can rest assured after the pandemic, it will be changed to something different. Your goal should be to make an extraordinary effort to make your new normal better. Make it normal to be positive, motivated, focused. Make it normal to be kinder, nicer, friendlier. Make it normal to give more, care more, share more. Make it normal to show strength, unity, and a genuine concern for others. Make it normal to pray for and thank those who routinely go above and beyond to make it safe for all of us. Make it normal to routinely zoom with your family when you don't see them regularly. Make it normal to take long meditating walks. Make it normal to_________ (you fill in the blank)

Extraordinary times do call for extraordinary measures! No matter how good or bad you thought your normal was BP (Before Pandemic) you should make an extraordinary effort to make your new normal better AP (After Pandemic). See you on the other side.

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