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Pull up the Blinds

The first thing I do every morning is pull up the blinds in every window in my house. I don't just open them; I pull them all the way up! I walk around diligently pulling the cords and watch the blinds go up and allow the full morning sun to shine in through the windows throughout the house. I choose to open up and let life in to "be what it be and do what it do". Even on cloudy days I go through this routine, it's just something about opening up and letting the new day in. It allows me to get my day started on my terms--wide open to every new possibility.

Most people just open the blinds and think this is enough. But by only opening the blinds, they only allow the sun light that can squeeze through the blinds inside. It's light, but only a limited portion and not the full measure of the sun. The narrow bands of light that penetrate through the blinds can sustain life, but they are not enough to allow life to reach its full potential. By only opening the blinds, some people unconsciously place self-imposed limitations on the possibilities for their lives.

Don't limit the amount of sunlight you allow into your life. Pull up the blinds and let the full measure of the sun inside and be open to all the possibilities for your life!

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