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The Giver

The Giver only sees hope in a hopeless situation

No hesitation or second thoughts

The Giver gives

Without regret

The Giver gives

The Givers' heart is stirred when it senses a need

Sad commercial not necessary

The need is never to great for the Giver

Damage, destruction, tragedy are calling cards

The Giver is never deterred

The water is never to high, the fire is never to hot

The Giver knows a hand, a hug, a smile , make a difference

The Giver gives until it hurts but doesn't feel pain

Pain and suffering are the eternal enemy

Friends and strangers in need call

The Giver is at the door before the thought is finished

The spirit of the Giver is humble, gentle, kind

The Giver gives

The heart of the Giver is pure, full of care, and genuine concern for others

The Giver gives

The Giver ask for nothing and takes nothing in return

The Giver gives

The Giver is the hope in the midst of hopelessness

The Giver Gives

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