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The Losing Streak

A losing streak is mostly associated with sports, and is defined as " a succession of losses or defeats". In life, you go through periods when loss, rejection, defeat, and dysfunction seem to rule the day. I called these periods a "life losing streak". The work promotion went to someone else, you thought the interview went great--but you didn't get the job, the relationship didn't work out, someone you admired and respected, came up short!

During a life losing streak, mechanical things fail you also. The freezer on the fridge stops working--the food spoils, the sink gets a major clog---a plumber has to be called, the hot water heater stops working---cold showers, the front right tire on the car just goes flat--you have no spare, you find out you need a $800 brake job or your car won't stop!! Everyday seems to bring new problems and seemingly unworkable situations. You ask yourself, "Why Me?", "What else can/will go wrong?", but mostly you wonder and ask,” When will this losing streak end?".

Losing streaks are just as much a part of life as winning streaks i.e. when everything seems to go your way, and in the words of that great sage, Charlie Sheen, "you are winning." The good news is, unless you are the Cleveland Browns (an NFL team that has been on a losing streak almost forever), a losing streak is only temporary and does in fact end! Things just start going your way, good stuff starts to happen, or at least bad stuff doesn't happen.

You still have to deal with self-induced problems; when you make a bad decision and have to deal with the consequences. But the gremlins of the losing streak move on, and let you be. The car starts when you turn the key, you get a standing ovation after your presentation, you trip and almost fall versus twisting your ankle or breaking your leg, you get a text from a long lost friend and it makes your day! In general, life is good, and you have made it through a life losing streak.

Loss, rejection, defeat, and dysfunction are not the rule of the day. They are only temporary road blocks in place while the potholes on the road ahead are being filled, and overlaid with new pavement. We have all had to deal with a life losing streak. But I think we can all agree, once it is over, we are not only relieved, but we feel stronger, and better prepared to deal with the next life challenge. The potholes have been filled and the new pavement has made the road of life a little smoother.

The life losing streak didn't break you, it helped shaped you!

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