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Things I've Learned...and still Learning

I took a quick inventory and decided to write down some of the important things I've learned over the years. The list is by no means all-inclusive, but it contains some of the more impactful lessons I've learned. Many are old adages that you have probably heard before, but they have proven to be true in my life. I initially planned to group the list by category but decided it was best to let them stay in the random order they came to my mind. When I finished, I asked myself what was my biggest takeaway from the exercise? Answer---I'm still learning!!

I am not always right

I am not always wrong

I cannot change anyone

Truth can be much stranger than fiction

I Lead with my heart (it is painful sometimes)

Believe in people, never give up anyone

Do no harm

Laughter may not cure everything, but it is good medicine, that's why I love comedy so much!!

Never intentionally hurt anyone

Try to see things from different perspectives

Work just as hard to understand as you do to be understood

Golf is a hard game

If you want a good friend, be a good friend

Time really does heal all wounds

Prayer works!!

My Kids were really listening

Mean people don't know they are mean, they just think they are keeping it real! Love them anyway

Respect others unless they prove unworthy of respect

Hard work does not guarantee success, but failure is guaranteed if you don't work hard

The hardest battles are fought between the ears

Ask tough questions but be prepared to hear tough answers

Tell the truth but don't expect everyone to believe you

Give everyone the benefit of the doubt until they prove they don't deserve it

My words matter

Be quick to forgive but never wait to be forgiven

Apologize sincerely

A short memory is a good thing

Make good memories

Learn from mistakes but don't dwell on them, move on

Do good

Take care of yourself mentally, physically and spiritually

It's not always about you, in fact, it rarely is

Family means everything

Everything doesn't matter

Some thoughts should stay in your head

Be your own best friend

Know your limits but don't limit yourself

You don't know all the circumstances behind decisions others had to make

The Sun rises and sets everyday whether you see it or not

Give more than you take

"I don't know" is a good answer

When you think you can't give more--give more!

When you feel you can't care more--care more!

Always show up

If someone wants to leave, let them go!

Always be willing to walk away

Help others

Love unconditionally

Be a life-long learner

Life's Good

Arrogance is not strength

Be Humble

Kindness is not weakness

Be Kind

Take a minute, reflect and make your own list. Remember when you learn---you grow!

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