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Updated: May 20, 2019

Remember the end of the movie "Finding Nemo" where the fish who had been in the aquarium finally escaped and were in the open ocean. One fish looked at the others and deadpanned "Now What??" They had spent their entire lives in the aquarium trying to escape to the open ocean. But once they did, it dawned on them, what do they do now that that they were out (never mind that they were still in the plastic bags). They were so focused on getting out of the aquarium that they didn't think about what it really meant to be free (including the dangers). All of their energy was focused on escaping, but no thought had been given to what it would actually be like or what they would do once they escaped! It's a dilemma many of us face. We are conditioned to set goals and work hard to achieve them. But the true question is what do you do once you achieve all of your personal goals. What do you do once your dreams have been realized and you have been blessed beyond measure? What do you do with your fame, fortune, and success? Do you enrich society in some way by giving back?? Do you give someone else a hand up? Or do you barricade yourself in your mansion and new life style and tell everyone else to "eat cake"?

Set your goals high with the expectation that you will achieve them and be all that you desire to be and more. But once you achieve your goals, ask and answer the next question. Now What? I hope the answer is that you will give back in a positive way to the society that helped make you. Ensure the rough road that you traveled is made a little smoother for those who follow behind you. But most of all, strive to make a difference and continue to take the risk that got you there. Only look back to see how you can improve the circumstances of what you left behind. Help others with all of your resources, including your most valuable resource, your time! With this mindset the question you now ask yourself is not Now What? but What Next?

By the way, an alternate ending of the movie had the fish being scooped up by a net from people cleaning the Bay and put in an ice cooler! I think they probably ended up back in the aquarium!

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